Duncan Quotes
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"Where is the website with all my quotes?" - Duncan Lichtenberger

"I say all the best stuff." - Duncan Lichtenberger

"I can update python, but I have to use white out and a typewriter." - Duncan Lichtenberger

"Cool Whip mixed with pudding is the new chocolate mousse." - Duncan Lichtenberger

Duncan Lichtenberger: I'm sick of yur crud!
Me: Oh. Sorry. I will tender my resignation.
Duncan Lichtenberger: Too bad the circus isn't in town, you won't be able to switch careers.

"Hey, let's all burn Tyson at the stake for being a witch." - Duncan Lichtenberger

Duncan Lichtenberger: I presume to feed horses.
Me: Good. Thank you.
Duncan Lichtenberger: glad to be of assistance

Me: Are you excited to be displaying your mustache to your monitor again?
Duncan Lichtenberger: My mustache was always there to those that needed it.
Duncan Lichtenberger: #mustacheproud

"I'm an old man, and old men have big mustaches. That's how it works." - Duncan Lichtenberger

"Clouds weaken the legs." - Duncan Lichtenberger

Me: You are all over the place
Duncan Lichtenberger: that was caused by the truck that ran over me